Welcome to the Home of the Outdoor Extravaganza 2017- Our 21st Year!

Evening Entertainment


Friday Afternoon & Evening , May 26th -

GEAR EXCHANGE / FLEA MARKET - This will be going throughout the day and weekend.  See what others have to trade or sale that you may want.  Do you have "stuff" that you want to get rid of?  Bring it!

MASSAGE THERAPY - Doesn't this sound soothing and relaxing?

GROUP GAMES & CONTESTS - There will be fun and prizes!


Drum Circle with Michele Muth - Following the picnic around the Extravaganza Group Campfire.  " Music for the Soul"

*If attending any or all of Friday, register on the Registration Form for Friday.                                                                                          


Saturday Evening , May 27th - "The Secret to Baking No-Knead Bread"

by Stan Malecki

Where: Breakneck Campground
7:00 PM - Covered Pavilion behind the small brown lodge

StanA no - fuss recipe that revolutionizes home baking.
Learn the simple steps to making no – knead bread.
Taste samples of breads and take home recipes to bake your own no – knead bread.
Learn about the different methods that can be used to bake bread. You will be surprised how many ways you can make bread without an oven. Come to my Saturday Evening Program and see for yourself.

* Limited seating under the covered pavilion, so bring lawn chair, camping chair, or blanket.

* If you are not registered for Saturday at the Outdoor Extravaganza and would like to come to this program, call Joyce Appel for reservations. ($5)

In the late 1960’s Stan Malecki began teaching the art of Dutch oven cooking and baking.  Now retired, he spends the winters in Southwest Florida and the summers in Western PA.

    In addition to using Dutch ovens, Stan has restored and uses a wood burning stove at an historic site in Florida.

    In PA, Stan volunteers his time cooking and baking at both an historic 1858 gristmill and an 1822 stage coach inn.  Beginning in 2013, along with a crew of volunteers, he constructed an outdoor wood burning bee-hive oven.

    He also does workshops for retired seniors, sponsored by Slippery Rock University.


Sunday Evening , May 28th at 7PM - A Garden of Serpents"


 (Behind the small brown lodge under the covered pavilion)
(Limited seating so bring a lawn chair or blanket)

Our educational program is a combination of educational lecture, interactive experience, question & answer session with a touch of storytelling thrown in.
Our program will contain around a dozen reptiles, both American and exotic and will last approximately ninety minutes, during which time we will de-bunk some myths, amaze with facts and interact with the audience, helping them get past old fears and develop new fascinations.
A Garden of Serpents is appropriate for all ages and is not a rushed program but takes time to try and answer all questions and give each guest the time to truly experience the animals and how beautiful they truly are.
We will have some snakes that can be handled by the guests and touching will be encouraged.
*If you are not registered for the Sunday Outdoor Extravaganza, but would like to come to this program, call Joyce Appel to make a reservation. (Donation accepted) 724-526-5407

Background & History of "It’s an Animal Thing"
In 1932, Elmer Cheuvront had a crazy idea. Why not try to convince people how important reptiles were to the ecosystem? Why not try and show how beautiful, intelligent and fascinating these animals can be? He dedicated his life of more than ninety years to this pursuit. Teaching, lecturing, writing and observing reptiles in captivity and in their natural habitat.. His son Lance and partners Kim and Erych have taken this vision and expanded it into an organization that is dedicated to sharing the beauty and magic of these creatures with an ever growing crowd of fans, enthusiasts and those who are still not sure.
Lance, Kim & Erych of It’s an Animal Thing are dedicated to caring for rescued and injured reptiles and amphibians. We take in animals that been the victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment. We also assist in the removal of unwanted native and invasive species for the general public, law enforcement, pretty much anyone who needs us. Once an animal has found its way to us, we evaluate its health, temperament and make a decision about whether it is a good candidate for re-homing. If, because of temperament, health or species, it is determined that the reptile cannot be adopted out or returned to the wild, it remains with us where we care for it for as long as it lives.
Lance, our lead herpetologist has been lecturing schools, scout groups, museums, law enforcement and civic groups since his teens and is a known and respected field researcher and animal behaviorist.

"It’s an Animal Thing" - changing attitudes about reptiles for almost ninety years



Evening Entertainment - Join Jim around the evening campfire. Enjoy his very own songs and music..as well as campfire music!!!

Jim Sorenson taught classical and acoustical guitar at the Westchester Music Center in Los Angeles and worked for some time as a studio musician providing guitar, banjo and voice backups for groups, as well as for solo performers recording at Capitol Records during the folk era. He later studied voice at the Royal College of Music with Edgar Evans, who was principle tenor for a number of years at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. He then went on to study voice in Cairo with Raouf Zaidan, principle baritone at the Cairo Opera House. Jim Sorenson has played and sung professionally and semi-professionally for over 40 years in England, France, Egypt and the U.S., while simultaneously carrying on a career as a professional educator and international businessman.

Don't miss Jim Sorenson as he entertains us around the campfire in the evenings at Breakneck Campground. Some of what you will hear will be his very own songs and music. We will also have the opportunity to join in on some campfire songs. It's optional, he won't make you sing! Paul Henry, long time member of Butler Outdoor Club and North Country Trail Association, has agreed to join Jim on a few songs. If you have been to the Outdoor Extravaganzas, then you know Paul. He helps Joyce Appel, Extravaganza organizer, with everything, especially the water trips. Not too many people know that "Paul sings!!!" Well, you will hear Paul and Jim at the Outdoor Extravaganza.